Massage Therapy

Many of us spend far too much time rushing about, and end up ignoring the body – the very vessel that takes us through life. The relaxation that massage provides calms the mind by bringing thoughts back to the body. Massage strengthens the mind-body connection, helping us to feel at peace with ourselves. Massage encompasses ways to help improve range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility and circulation. It can also relieve muscle tightness, aches and pains and even ease anxiety and depression. Massage provides time out – nothing better than unwinding to the calm of skilled hands. This ancient form of therapy is widely recognised across the globe for maintaining good health and sustaining a balanced state of mind.

FULL BODY MASSAGE: Leaving you positively glowing, this is a boost to your natural immune system and you will feel an immediate difference in your mobility and muscle tone.

BACK, NECK and SHOULDERS: Treatment to ease those problem areas that often carry the burden of stress and tension. This takes the weight off your shoulders and helps realign knotted muscles.

FOCUSED REMEDIAL MASSAGE: Massage can help improve recovery time from training and injuries.


Massage appointments are available on Wednesdays between 9.30 and 3pm.  Please call 01726 67567 to book

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